Setting Your Own Traps

Cage Trap

A great deal of people cannot afford to simply go out and hire a wildlife removal company to do the job, due to the fact that they can cost hundreds of dollars for a single removal. Because of this, you may want to try to get them out yourself, but keep in mind that you really should not attempt to do it by hand, and if you do you seriously could get injured pretty severely. Again, if you really want to do this, it is highly suggested that you check out some videos of raccoons fighting or acting aggressively before you actually attempt anything like this, as it is very likely that it might sway you away from trying to do it yourself.
There are various traps that you can purchase, where you basically put food inside overnight and wait for the creatures to get trapped inside. This may be a decent way to get a raccoon, due to the fact that raccoons are most active at night, but there is a problem with this strategy as well. The fact that raccoons are not solo and are almost always in packs, even if you capture one you not only have not solved the problem, but you may encounter some very angry friends of the raccoon who has just been captured when you return the next day.